Members of the Baptist Community say they would not be suspending services and gatherings in light of the COVID-19 virus.

His Grace Archbishop Glenroy Anthony Jack confirmed their position on the matter this weekend, stating that now more than ever, is when churches need to gather together, before God.

“My personal view on this matter is that this is really the time that the church is really supposed to be in communication with our God, regardless of whatever religion,” he said. “Our church remains open. Our doors would only close if word comes from our Prime Minister or those in authority, where they come to the understanding or says to us the church should be closed. Other than that we serve God in the church.”

However, His Grace asserted that even as they continued their mission before God, they were being responsible in their conduct, in accordance with advice from the health authorities.

“We are adhering to the principles. We have installed the necessary hand sanitisers, and so on,” His Grace reports. “We have advised our congregation to be alert, to not panic and to trust in the Lord, and all will be well.”

The Baptist Archbishop made the comments on Sunday, when the National Evangelical Spiritual Baptist Faith (NESBF) Tobago Circuit held its walk and ecumenical service at the Fairfield Complex Bacolet Road, Tobago.

The event commenced with a short walk at Tamarind Square, Scarborough, and then to the Fairfield Complex at Bacolet Street. It was attended by scores of Spiritual Baptists from both islands.

In his feature address, Archbishop Jack urged the faithful to keep praying to God. Various Baptist leaders also prayed for God to put an end to the COVID-19 Virus

Members of the Tobago Circuit of the National Evangelical Spiritual Baptist Faith (NESBF) held their spiritual walk from Tamarind Square, Scarborough, to the Fairfield Complex at Bacolet Street, on Sunday 15 March 2020. (Image: SHASTRI BOODAN)