Health Secretary Tracy Davidson- Celestine at the briefing on Friday

The Tobago Regional Health Authority(TRHA)will no longer seek to house every COVID-19 positive case.

Health Secretary Tracy Davidson -Celestine announced the change in the TRHA’s policy at this week’s Tobago Health Update virtual media briefing on Friday.

Since March 2020, when Tobago recorded its first COVID case, patients who tested positive were sent to a THA-run COVID facility.

” We cannot continue to add beds indefinitely to the system,” Davidson-Celestine said. The numbers continue to climb, recording new cases as high as 49 in a single 24 hours.

Asked if the change in the policy is due to the TRHA’s failure to control the spread of the virus in Tobago, she said no.

” …No …the management of the spread of the virus having to do with COVID has nothing to do solely with the work of the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development, the TRHA, or even the Tobago House of Assembly and the Government…It is also a function of how people behave in the society .”

She said all systems are in place to monitor COVID-positive people at home.

According to the TRHA as of June 4, two new COVID- positive cases were recorded in Tobago and, there are 200 positive cases.

Reporting on the COVID occupancy rate at the TRHA’s facilities, General Manager of Primary Care Services Dr.Roxanne Mitchell said the COVID Intensive Care Unit is 60 per cent full.

She said the Green Room at the old Scarborough Hospital at Fort King George is at 78 per cent, Tobago Rehabilitation and Empowerment Center had no cases; infectious and disease ward capacity is 45 per cent and the step-down facility at 29 per cent.

Reporter: Camille McEachnie