The Scarborough Fire Station.

Acting Assistant Chief Fire Officer for Tobago David Joseph-Thomas says all contingency plans are in place to ensure “normal” operations continue, especially at the airport, as 114 of the island’s 350 officers remain in self-quarantine after one of their colleagues tested positive for COVID-19 last Saturday at the Crown Point station.

“I wish to assure the travelling public … we understand our duty of care to the aerodrome and travelling public of Trinidad. We know that this is the festive season, so we have done all that we can do to ensure that the airport remains safe,” Joseph-Thomas said.

He said 114 officers were sent to self-quarantine “out of an abundance of caution,” noting that as soon as the officer tested positive all other officers associated with him were sent home and others replaced them on Sunday.

He said all stations across Tobago and Trinidad are on standby to assist if there is an emergency at the airport and contingency plans are in place for any possible incident, including COVID-19 infections among officers.

“Before the positive case, we were doing our routine duty in that we had all stations, all the appliances and equipment, sanitized,” he said.

The self-quarantined officers are expected to return to work on December 24, he said.

The latest statistics from the Division of Health yesterday indicated COVID cases in at 135, of which 26 are active.

Meanwhile, he is also giving the assurance that the Scarborough Fire Station, currently undergoing repairs, will be completed by February 2021.

The station was gutted by an electrical fire in April 2019. Its repair is budgeted to cost $800,000.

Meanwhile, the latest statistics from the Ministry of Health revealed that there were 19 new cases.

In its update yesterday, the ministry said the cases were taken during the period December 8-10 and one of the new cases was a recently repatriated person.

It added that 536 people are currently in home self-isolation, 177 of whom are from the prison system.