New leader of the Tobago Forwards, Pastor Terance Baynes. PICTURE courtesy Tobago Forwards

Pastor Terance Baynes is the new leader of Tobago Forwards(TF). The party was formed in 2014.

Baynes’ appointment was revealed via a TF’s press release on October 8.

The release said he was appointed following the resignation of the party’s leader Christlyn Moore on September 30, 2020.

It also said Moore “expressed her support for Baynes.”

She also supports the reorganization of the TF’s executive based on then the party’s constitution.

It also said she pledged “her continued love and support for the party …and the advancing of its ideas” to improve Tobagonians’ lives.

Baynes was Moore’s advisor when she was the Minister of Justice, in 2012, under the People’s Partnership government.