Onika Mars president of Woman of Substance, a Tobago-based NGO, says unless men are educated gender-based violence will not end.

Women should not have to demand respect.

That’s according to Onika Mars the founder and president of Woman of Substance, a non-profit organisation based in Tobago. Speaking with Guardian Media at Hampden Lowlands on Sunday, as the nation reacts to the murder of Andrea Bharatt, she said: “I don’t think we ought to demand respect, because men ought to know what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.”

She said men ought to be educated and socialised on what is educated behaviour.

Mars said men should not believe that it is okay to “harass women and tell them nasty things and then use obscene language when women refuse to answer to their belittling comments.”

Mars added that men have a role to play in all that is taking place. She said regardless if men are not educated women can do all that is necessary to protect themselves but gender-based violence would not change.

Mars added it is time for the people of T&T to humble themselves and pray to get healing from God.

She said her heart goes out to Andrea Bharatt’s father and all those struggling with grief.

“There are times that people are insensitive to persons who suffer loss. So persons might say stuff like that person died years ago and you still grieving, time to stop, get over that, that is being insensitive. People should be given time to grieve and seek professional help.”