Kenny Wolfe

Casandra Thompson-Forbes

Tobago police are investigating two murders following a shooting incident at Concordia on Tuesday night.

The victims have been identified as Kenny Wolfe, 35, of Glamorgan and James Ferguson, 23, of Bacolet Point.

According to police reports, the incident occurred around 9.15 pm at St Cecelia Road, Concordia.

Residents told Guardian Media that they heard several loud explosions and on checking found a crashed car, licensed PDJ 2772, in the middle of road with the engine running. A white car, licensed PDD 2304 and with its front bumper missing, was also found abandoned nearby.

Wolfe, who was the driver of the crashed car, was in the company of Ferguson, Nicholas Cowan and Bronson Nicholls. Police said they were travelling along the street when they were ambushed by gunmen. Police said the white car, which was travelling in the oppositive direction, crashed into Wolfe’s car, forcing him to stop. Armed with semi-automatic weapons, the men from the white car got out and fired at Wolfe’s vehicle.

Wolfe, Ferguson, Cowan and Nicholls attempted to escape under fire but Wolfe was shot in the back and died on the spot. He was found approximately 78 feet down a bushy incline. Cowan was not injured while Nicholls was taken to hospital for minor injuries. Ferguson remained missing overnight and when Homicide Officers returned to the scene yesterday, with the help of residents, they found Ferguson’s body riddled with gunshot wounds. Police said 36 spent shells were recovered at the scene.

The Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service assisted with the retrieval of both bodies.

Speaking with Guardian Media yesterday, Concordia resident Sean Broomes said the incident had shocked residents.

“At this present time, I’m kind of displeased with what going on in here, because in here is a very peaceful and quiet neighbourhood. Everybody in here living as one family, one love, one peace, one unity and it’s sad to see that the youths have to go down this road in this kind of way,” Broomes said.

Sources told Guardian Media that the incident is gang-related and may be related to the July 4 murder of Alveion “Crime Boss” Nurse. Wolfe and Ferguson’s murder also took place in the same street where the island’s fifth murder victim Dwight Turpin lived. Turpin was killed on his job site on June 24.

Speaking to the media, ACP Tobago Vernon Roberts said although the island has recorded seven murders to date, the crime situation is under control in Tobago.

“We are not deterred by this. We keep pressing on to solve those crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice. I just want to reassure the public and the citizens of Tobago that the police will be doing all in their power to solve these crimes,” Roberts said.

“So far, before this crime was committed, we had a detection rate of sixty per cent, which is about twice the national average, so officers are not daunted, but we continue pursuing to solve these crimes.”

Asked about the upsurge of gun-related crimes, Roberts called on Tobagonians to do their part in reporting crimes.

“It’s all about keeping Tobago safe, every sixty thousand eyes and ears are police officers and we all have to play our part in solving Tobago’s crime and keeping Tobago safe and reducing the fear of crime in Tobago. We don’t want persons to harbour criminal elements from Trinidad or anywhere,” he said

The Tobago Homicide Bureau is continuing investigations.