Glen Road, Scarborough residents are pursuing legal advice on the State’s decision to relocate Tobago’s prison to their village. This is according to a statement on Monday, November 16, from Martin George and Company- the villager’s attorney.

In the statement, the company’s attorney Janelle Ramroop says residents are exploring their options to determine the legality of the state’s move. However, she noted that residents remain open to dialogue with the authorities.

 “In the interim, these residents are open to the consultation to conversations with Mr. Ancil Dennis- the Chief Secretary of theTobago House of Assembly(THA), Mr. Dennis Pulchan- the Commissioner of Prison, and the Honorable Minister Stuart Young.” The office building that formerly housed the THA’s Department of Marine Resources on Montessori Drive was retrofitted for COVID-19 prisoners. However, on Saturday, November 7, prisoners- from the island’s jail- were relocated there after a brief ceremony by acting prison commissioner Dennis Pulchan.

Reporter: Camille McEachnie