Melody Hunte, manager of Viewport Supermarket in Tobago.

Relief spread across Tobago as Viewport Supermarket, located in Scarborough and Canaan, reopened its doors on Friday.

The supermarket is one of two well-known Tobago grocery outlets on the island.

The management of the long-standing and well-established grocery shut its doors on Thursday, March 19, citing COVID-19 safety concerns for staff and customers.

They asked for guidelines from the authorities.

In a statement on social media on Thursday night, the management said: “ We have been working with the authorities to provide a safe environment in this trying time.”

“Thus we intend to open for business…after employing stringent sanitary measures and with new procedures in place to protect everyone. This includes the phased rollout of delivery and pickup service: ViewportGo supermarket.com.go.”

The supermarkets’ Managing Director Melony Hunte told Guardian Media, in addition to sanitisation and promoting its online delivery service, the supermarket would be installing sinks at the stores’ entrances and would only allow a limited number of people in the groceries, at any point in time.

She explained that the supermarket has two entrances and exits and management would be allowing 25 customers inside in the first instance.

Hunte said she closed the grocery because customers were also not adhering to the rules and regulations set down to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

She added people are now paying more attention and the grocery will remain open as an essential service to supply all necessities for the public.

“We are satisfied that we are keeping our staff and customers safe as we are also sanitizing our trolleys constantly. We are encouraging all who visit us to follow our rules and guidelines,” Hunte said.