Brothers Worrel and Mitchum Burris show their inked fingers after voting at the Montgomery Government Primary School


Silence from excessively loud music trucks, bullhorns, and candidates doing spot meetings, descended on Tobago, on Monday morning, as the electorate quietly took part in the voting process.

Anecdotal Information from across Tobago suggests that the voting process was smooth, with long lines, filled with mostly elderly persons and their helpers.

Molly Thomas, who voted at the Scarborough RC School in the Tobago East constituency, told Guardian Media the voting “was smooth”.

“My mom and I usually come to vote early, and everything went well. It was over in 10 minutes from start to finish.”

Molly Thomas smiles after voting at the Scarborough Government Primary School

Brothers, Worrel and Mitchum Burris, who voted at the Montgomery Government Primary School in Tobago West constituency, also shared similar sentiments.

“We were in and out of the polling station very quickly. It was seamless,” Worrel said.

Mitchum, smiling said: “The entire thing was well executed and all the necessary protocols followed.

Thomas and the Burris brothers said they like being part of the democracy.

“After all (voting), this does not happen in every part of the world. We are blessed, ” Worrel said.

Mitchum said he too was “proud to vote and be part of the process.”

Thomas said: “It’s the reason I take my mother early and get it over with. We are blessed.”