Tobago’s most famous silk cotton tree in Culloden has fallen. It was “uprooted.”
According to the Tobago Emergency Management Agency’s (TEMA) director Allan Stewart, the tree fell just after midday.
He said a community with “scores” of villagers are marooned.
He also said workers from TEMA, Fire Services, and the Division of Infrastructure, Quarries, and the Environment are at the scene.
The tree is part of the island’s annual Heritage Festival and is said to be known for its spiritual powers.
Legend has it that Gang Gang Sarah- a witch, flew from West Africa to Les Coteaux to find her family. She married  Long Tom. When she was ready to fly back, she climbed the tree to use it as her base. However, because she had eaten food with salt, she could not fly, fell from the tree, and died. Her gravesite is a landmark on the island.

Reporter: Camille McEachnie