A motive is yet to be established in this killing

As gunshots rang out in the area known as the Congo in Arima on Friday night, residents hid in their homes to ensure they did not end up in the crossfire.

Although they alerted lawmen that gunshots were heard, preliminary checks did not turn up anything.

It was not until 7 am on Saturday that the family of Kerron “Kayo” Prince discovered his bullet-riddled corpse lying on the road close to his home. It is believed that Prince, 34, of Olton Road, Arima, was shot by unknown gunmen.

Meanwhile, in a double homicide at Barker Trace, Pioneer Drive, Petit Valley, around 12.45 pm on Saturday, two brothers were said to have fought to death.

According to reports, Christopher Williams, 26 and Gabriel Joseph, 31, were fighting when they stabbed each other about the body. The brothers reportedly fell over a balcony.

These murders and the killing of a father, Stephon McLeod, 40 and his two-year-old daughter, Aniah, on Friday night in Tunapuna have brought the count to 215.

Investigations are continuing.