Toddler, ROMELU AMANI DRAKES, reportedly drowned at a pool on his school compound on Tuesday 16 March 2021.

Couva Police are probing the circumstances that led to the drowning death of two-year-old Romelu Amani Drakes on Tuesday.

Romelu, who would have turned three on April 23rd this year, was dropped off at his school on Tuesday morning by relatives.  However, when they returned around noon to pick him up, they met the staff trying to resuscitate him.  The child reportedly had fallen into a pool on the premises.  Romelu’s relatives reportedly rushed him to a health facility but it was too late. 

His father, Shion Drakes, expressed his anguish over losing his son in a Facebook post.

“I’m lost for words.  It’s a new day and you’re still not here.  I wish this could be a dream I and I’m now awake.  No parent should be able to bury their child.  I’m sorry I wasn’t there to save you baby.  I know you were crying for me to save you, but I couldn’t.  If I can give my life for you to live I will.  You were going so good at school and improving; you were almost through,” he said in the post.

He added: “I just wanted the best life for you and tried my best for you to have a normal life like any other child.  Nobody knows how close you’re to me and what you meant to me.  Why you had to go like this so painful way?”

The distraught father also wrote:

“I wouldn’t wish this on any parent.  Please cherish and love every second and time spent with your children.  I haven’t slept all night crying endlessly.  I love you ROMELU AMANI DRAKES 23/04/2018 – 15/03/21.”

Couva Police are investigating the child’s death.