Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.

Top cop Gary Griffith is hopeful that the Police Service’s outstanding debts will be cleared early in the new year.

Speaking on CNC3’s The Morning Brew, Griffith noted the challenges in managing the Police Service’s operations with a reduction in fiscal allocation.

The Ministry of National Security was allocated $1.21 billion less for fiscal 2021, when compared to last year.

According to Griffith, priority will be given to offsetting costs to suppliers and also funding several police initiatives.

“I came to this fiscal year owing over $130-odd million to suppliers,” the top cop revealed.  “For the last four months I have not received funds, which means that I have been running a Police Service and making sure that it has not shut down—dealing with 7,000 police officers; 1,500 vehicles; 120 buildings—with a shoe-string, if not no budget.”

He added: “I have been speaking to the relevant persons in Government, and they’ve been doing everything they can.  Hopefully, very early in the new year, I would be able to offset this.”

Commissioner Griffith says once he is able to get the funding he needs, apart from clearing he would be able to fully implement transparent policing initiatives such as outfitting all police officers with bodycam recorders, tasers, and pepper spray.