Police Commissioner Gary Griffith

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith said yesterday that a renewed area of concern and focus in dealing with mass gatherings in the quest to contain the spread of COVId-19 is weddings.

He said there have been reports of weddings with large amounts of people.

He noted a mass gathering is a breach of the public health regulations.

On the recent mass gathering party at No Man’s Land Tobago- a potential COVID super spreader- where many youths partied last weekend, he said it was difficult to get evidence and go after people for organising the mass gathering and not wearing masks – which were breaches of regulations.

He said by the time authorities arrived, people had dispersed.

“…….You can’t police stupidity,” Griffith added, acknowledging the possible risk of COVID those partygoers enjoying themselves could have circulated around Trinidad and Tobago.

Griffith said the TTPS has asked the Coast Guard to patrol the No Man’s Land area since TTPS has no marine unit.

Tobago House of Assembly head Ancil Dennis said the matter was one for the TTPS, “I’ve asked the Police Commissioner and assistant Commissioner for Tobago for attention on it. I expect them to enforce for everyone’s safety, the law concerning mask-wearing and mass public gatherings. We’re prepared to support with our reef patrol vessels.”

He said fishermen who transported people to last weekend’s party are aware of the dangers.

Meanwhile, there has been no decision to keep TT’s borders closed until 2022, says Communication Minister Symon de Nobriga.

He commented following queries yesterday.

It has been circulated on social media including statements by an advertising sector employee that “the Trinidad and Tobago borders would be closed until 2022.”

No such announcement has come from Government De Nobriga said yesterday. He added the Health Ministry hasn’t announced the closure until 2022 nor was the matter of borders discussed at Thursday’s Cabinet meeting.