A worker sanitises a section of the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation yesterday.


Nine Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation (TPRC) employees are now undergoing tests to determine if they contracted the COVID-19 virus after one of their co-workers was confirmed to be case number 148 on Monday.

And following the announcement by Ministry of Health officials during the media briefing, the TPRC’s head office remained closed to facilitate a sanitisation exercise.

TPRC chairman Kwasi Robinson confirmed he was contacted by senior health officials after the worker’s result.

“We normally conduct sanitisation exercises twice a month but we moved it up a few days early to today (Monday) after we learned that one of the workers tested positive,” Robinson told Guardian Media

The next scheduled sanitisation exercise was due to be done on Friday. He said approximately 300 employees remained at home.

Robinson said the infected employee was part of a ten-member external team responsible for road and recreation grounds maintenance and beautification projects throughout the district. As such, he said, the entire external team would have to be tested.

Unable to divulge any further information, Robinson said, “I have full confidence in the Ministry of Health and I await their updates.”

With news on social and traditional media that case 148 lives in Arima, Mayor Lisa Morris-Julian said burgesses were thrown into a state of panic and worry.

The T&T Guardian was told the municipal police department at the Arima Town Hall had to be shut down after it was confirmed the son/daughter of a municipal officer was a member of the SEA class at the Tacarigua Presbyterian School where the latest case’s 11-year-old son attends.

Ten officers were sent home.

Morris-Julian said the news created a scare and panic in the borough.

“Burgesses have been bombarding me with calls asking all sorts of questions. People want to know where case 148 works, shopped and frequented. People are generally worried,” Morris-Julian said.

She said while some people have been following safety protocols others have not been wearing their masks in public spaces.

“Some people have no respect for one another. It boils down to personal responsibility. There is only so much the corporation can do.”

In the coming days, Morris-Julian said she would install 45 “washbasin” stations at strategic locations in the borough for hand sanitising as well as distribute face masks to contain the spread of the virus.