PNM Tobago Council Leader Tracy Davidson-Celestine

Political parties went head-to-head in Tobago yesterday after the Tobago Council of the PNM held a news conference accusing members of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) of refusing to meet to decide on a way forward on the impasse.

She also accused them of meeting with United National Congress (UNC) officials this weekend.

The Political Leader of the Tobago Council also announced plans to take legal action over zip line accusations made during the election campaign.

The Deputy Political Leader of the PDP responded immediately after, rubbishing the claims made by the PNM. He called on Davidson Celestine to “send the letter,” as his “courthouse clothes are pressed and ready to go.”

While Davidson Celestine announced that the Prime Minister plans to come to the island to meet with the Assemblymen and other individuals to discuss the current THA impasse, she also accused the PDP of refusing to meet with the PNM to discuss a solution to the current 6-6 tie.

“We have seen over the last few weeks the unwillingness by the PDP to even attempt to settle on basic matters as it relates to setting, some kind of standard, as it relates to treating with a meeting on a way forward.”

She said the PDP has instead chosen to “spew rancour and hate” while only the PNM has presented a legal and logical approach to ending the impasse.

The Council leader also said she will now take legal steps to clear her name on the zip line issue.

“It’s almost three, going on four weeks after the elections I called on him to present his evidence, those documents he waved on the platform have not been presented. My legal counsel has advised that I have a very strong case so I expect that a pre-action protocol letter will be served this week and soon after I have instructed that we proceed with moving the matter to court.”

The party’s Public Relation Officer Kwesi DesVignes also revealed that throughout the weekend members of the public have been contacting him about a matter that is of grave concern.

“The Deputy Political Leader of the PDP Farley Augustine has been seen meeting with members of the UNC at Sandy Point Beach Club on Saturday. I am calling on Mr Augustine to say what those conversations were about. The constitution allows for freedom of association just as the TOP did in 2010 and 2013 but let us be open and honest.”

Davidson Celestine said while the PDP is calling on Tobagonians to “Rise and Resist”, she called on Tobagonians to “rise up in prayers” in hopes that the PDP and the UNC will be eradicated as she claimed the UNC is once again trying to seize control of the THA.

Deputy Political Leader of the PDP Farley Augustine immediately responded via social media describing the information released by the PNM as “spurious claims” that are not only false but are being used to trump up feelings of xenophobia and racism in Tobagonians.

Denying the allegations that he met with any UNC Official on Saturday, Augustine detailed his whereabouts highlighting events where other PNM Assemblymen were in attendance. He said the only meeting he attended last week was with Orange Telecommunications, a company from Trinidad that is desirous of setting up a business in Tobago.

He said that same company met with the PNM.

The PDP deputy political leader said he also contacted the Chairman of the company who denied any affiliation to the UNC, saying the company is family-owned, Jehovah’s Witnesses and do not get involved in politics in any way.

He also took to task claims that the PDP does not wish to sit and talk, as she said it was Davidson Celestine who said, “her party is not interested in any accommodation or deals.”

As it relates to the threat of legal action, Augustine said he had all the evidence.

“I have in my possession all of the Executive Council notes and instructions on the matter, $3.24 million was spent and just like the auditor general I am asking where is the zipline. So send it for both of us let us go to court and when we do go to court, I am certain we will all find out where is the zip line.”