Trinbago couple ‘quarantined for love’ in Curaçao


Dean Walters and Donna Lisa Phillips-Walters on their wedding day. (Photo courtesy The Walters)

Dean Walters of Tobago and Donna Lisa Phillips-Walters of Trinidad got married in Chaguaramas and left for Curaçao on March 16.

Little did they know their 5-day honeymoon in Curaçao would continue for more than 40 days, because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

They are still there enjoying the hotel and the neighbours—11 Argentinians.

For the couple, the shuttered borders is a “quarantine for love and glory”.

Dean and Donna Lisa say look forward to the opening of both borders—Trinidad and Tobago’s and Curaçao’s.

In the meantime, they share the gospel via Dean Walters’ Facebook page, every day at 8 am.

“We are sharing our honeymoon with the world. We are showing people how to remain positive during this period,” he told Guardian Media.