A Trinidadian national was among three people who were taken before a magistrate in St George’s, Grenada, yesterday, after they were caught entering the island without following the legal requirement as mandated in the immigration regulations and the new COVID-19 health protocols.

South African national Shaun Wadell, 48; British national Emily Jean Davis, a 22-year-old student; and a 15-year-old Trinidadian student, were each charged with one count of entering the country without the consent of an immigration officer.

They reprimanded after pleading guilty to various immigration charges. Grenada’s Immigration Act states that any person who is guilty of violating the Immigration Act shall be fined a maximum of EC$3,000 or to imprisonment for six months.

A news release from the police said that boat captain Wadell was charged with allowing two passengers to disembark without the consent of an immigration officer, entering Grenada by sea while the seaport remained closed, entering at a place not designated as a legal port of entry and failing to furnish an immigration officer with a list in duplicate of all passengers on board his vessel.

The three arrived in Grenada aboard a sailing yacht on Tuesday (July 14) from T&T and attempted to enter the island on Pandy Beach, close to one of the main quarantine facilities for yachts.

The regulations currently mandate that all persons entering Grenada must be tested for COVID-19. Yachts entering must first alert the Grenada Ports Authority so they can be escorted into port by the Coast Guard.

Health authorities conducted both Rapid and PCR tests on the three but the court did not order them to be placed into quarantine. (NOW Grenada)