Danielle Samlalsingh

Carisa Lee

Danielle Samlalsingh is known on social media, mostly TikTok, for her funny imitations of T&T’s culture.

Content she has received positive feedback for.

“10/10 would put Danielle Samlalsingh in a sitcom,” one person commented.

“I hope Danielle Samlalsingh is having a great day today. Bless her for those TikToks,” another person wrote.

But to date, the local TikToker said the best feedback she received about her videos was from the videos she did highlighting violence against women in this country.

“I did a video basically on how women are treated in Trinidad and Tobago and people liked how I spoke out and they thanked me for that so, I look back on that and you know what there is a reason I make my videos and do what I do,” Samalalsingh said.

She’s originally from San Fernando but is currently studying in New York and was not able to join the thousands of people at candlelight vigils across the country for Andrea Bharath and the others so she used her platform.

“At the end of the day it’s nice to make people laugh but it’s also nice to like spread a message that you truly believe in to,” she said.

Samlalsingh has over 104,000 followers on TikTok and more than three million likes.

She said her most viewed video was the one she did on how often Trinidadians bathe in comparison to Americans. Her first local video was comparing teachers from the two cultures.

“I love sharing my culture with the world,” she said.

The industrial psychology student told Guardian Media that she was always a fan of the arts and she was always, “super-creative.”

She said it takes approximately five minutes for her to come up with a skit and 20 minutes to execute it and post to the app. She posts twice daily.

“My mom is very strict and so she doesn’t think that I should do a degree in something in the arts.. I think in the back of my head there is this hope that I can pursue acting,” she said.

But they have no problem with her creating funny content part time, Samlalsingh said her friends and family were not surprised when she blew up on social media, especially since she was always the lively one in the group.

“I’ve always been the class clown,” she said laughing.

“My family love it, my mom says that I am embarrassing her, she says I portraying her in a bad light, “she continued.

Since she started posting local content on TikTok a year ago, Samlalsingh has done videos on growing up in T&T, how Caribbean parents act and what she expects at her wedding, funeral and from her divorce.

“You bring me joy on my darkest days,” one person on twitter wrote.

She said one of her favourite things to do is make people laugh.

“The fact that I get to make not just my friends laugh anymore but like just people on the platform and people in general, I’m just happy that I get to make people happy” she said.

You can find her TikTok account at: @ddsamlalsingh.