The Trinidad Youth Council has asked the Prime Minister to consider including a youth representative on the post-Covid-19 recovery team

In a press release issued today, the council stated that including “engaged and qualified young people will enhance the quality of recommendations the committee will produce.”

The following is a press release from the Trinidad Youth Council:

We, Trinidad and Tobago leaders for youth inclusion and mainstreaming, would like to commend the Government of the Republic Trinidad and Tobago for establishing a committee to draft a road map for our nation’s post-COVID-19 recovery. Already, we have begun to mobilise youth and student stakeholders nationally. Our aim during this crisis is to make a tangible contribution to the interest of national recovery. We aim to submit a draft document of recommendations from our stakeholders within the urgent timeframe of this exercise.
We call on our Honourable Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to consider the meaningful inclusion of youth in the COVID-19 recovery efforts. This includes but is not limited to the inclusion of youth on the committee tasked with the responsibility of developing the road map and youth representation on all subcommittees.
While the impact of COVID-19 affects all citizens in the national community, the socio-economic experiences and needs of our youth must be centred in the state’s plans in order to promote fairness and accountability. The principle of youth inclusion is outlined in the CARICOM Declaration of Paramaribo on the Future of Youth in the Caribbean Community (2010). The declaration affirms the belief that “the unique perspective, creativity, energy and other assets which young people possess are essential elements of societal change, technological innovation and development, making them invaluable assets and partners in development and not problems to be solved.”
Including engaged and qualified young people on the committee as true partners enhances the quality of recommendations the committee will produce. Certainly, there are qualified young women and men who can serve the committee dutifully with professionalism in the interest of the national community. A more inclusive committee communicates to the public the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago’s commitment to embracing young people as key partners in our nation’s development. Most
importantly, youth mainstreaming in the processes of engagement and decision-making are critical for national recovery.