Head of the wifi project and member of the Trinity Alumni Association Cedric Cole points to the newly installed system following the launch of the ICT facility at Trinity College, Moka yesterday.

The Trinity College Alumni Association has donated over $76,000 in information technology communication systems to allow the Maraval-based school to have internet access across the school compound.

Following virtual learning brought on by the pandemic, Trinity College is now leading the way to allow students the ability to connect when they return.

This can be in January as stated by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

Project Lead, Cedric Cole explained that the system is state of the art and will be monitored and control, also it will serve the school population.

“All the elements of the network are secured, and the logical security network has been discussed with the college’s administration, particular emphasis will be paid towards the user access, virus protection patch management two-factor identification system log maintenance and content filtering,” Project Lead, Cedric Cole said.

He said the system also has network resilience and could restart due to adequate spares available to the school on any failed element with the system.

The alumni used the unveiling to also launch a chapel and multi-purpose centre at the school.

Trinity College Principal Carl Tang urged his students to follow in the steps of the alumni to assist the school.

“What the alumni have done also serves as a good example to the current students within the school whether they be onsite or at home as a fine example of giving back to their school in the first instance to the community and to Trinidad and Tobago in the long run,” Mr Tang explained.