The truck which capsized because of the landslip along Campbell Trace, Libertyville, Rio Claro.

A dump truck capsized while the driver was trying to negotiate a landslip along Campbell Trace in Libertyville, Rio Claro, on Tuesday night. Fortunately, neither the driver nor the lorry man, who work for a transport company in Tabaquite, were injured.

The truck was pulled out yesterday morning with the use of an excavator.

Rio Claro South/Cat’s Hill councillor David Law said the landslip occurred about four or five months ago, but the Mayaro-Rio Claro Regional Corporation does not have the resources to have it repaired.

He said the matter was raised at a council meeting and they were told that the road deterioration was the result of works by private land developers.

Law suggested that the corporation pack the landslip with boulders or put up road signage, but he said only a bamboo barricade was erected.

“This is a dangerous situation. It is urgent. We may be short of material but we need some urgent intervention by the ministry to bring relief there.”

Noting that there are two more landslips in the area, he said the one at LP 32 Riverside Road, Fonrose Village, Rio Claro, has resulted in the road being closed.

Law explained that a report was submitted under Unspent Balances 2020 for works to be implemented in 2021.

However, he said there has been no release from the Local Government and Rural Development Ministry as yet.

The other depression is at Old Mayaro Road, Libertyville.

“Something has to be done about these landslips,” he lamented.