A Telecommunications Services of T&T (TSTT) payroll clerk will learn the fate of her almost $1 million lawsuit against her employer, over it reneging on an offer of early retirement.

High Court Judge Frank Seepersad reserved his decision in the lawsuit brought by Brenda Mark following a brief virtual trial on Wednesday.

According to her court filings, Mark, who has been employed by TSTT since 1984, was among a group of employees who were offered voluntary enhanced early retirement in April 2014.

Mark, who was 52-years-old at the time, signed up and participated in financial counselling as offered under the plan.

However, she eventually filed the lawsuit after she received no further response.

Through the lawsuit, Mark is seeking $417,907.20, which represents the lump sum she would have received under the proposed plan.

She is also seeking $261,165.88, which represents the pension lump sum she was set to receive.

Mark’s lawsuit also includes a claim for the reduced monthly pension payments of $5,440.96, she would have received between 2014 and 2019, when she filed the lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, Mark’s attorneys are contending that the company breached a binding contract between it and her, which was formed when she accepted the valid offer based on the terms set by the company.

While testifying on Wednesday, Mark was quizzed over an Industrial Court case, in which the Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) challenged the early retirement offers made by the company.

Mark admitted she was a member of the union, but maintained that she was not involved or aware of the case. Mark said after the company failed to follow up on the initial offer, she continued to work and receive her salary. She also accepted that she would receive her pension benefits as soon as she retires in June 2022.

Mark is being represented by Martin George and Keshavi Khoorban.

Seepersad is expected to deliver his judgment in the case next Thursday. (DA)