The head office of the T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce in West Moorings, Trinidad.

The Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce is calling on the Prime Minister and the National Security Minister to do something about the upsurge in violent crime in this country, and for a review of current bail legislation to keep criminals off the streets.

“The Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce strongly condemns the recent spate of violent crime. We call on Dr. The Honourable Keith Rowley, Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago as the Head of the National Security Council, the Minister of National Security and the Acting Commissioner of Police to address this increase in crime with a swift and effective action plan to eliminate the recent criminal activities in our society,” the business group said in an official statement, in which it also pledged its readiness “to collaborate with Government in the interest of urgent action.”

The Chamber’s call comes on the heels of the killing of businesswoman, Nicole Moses, on Thursday February 24, during a home invasion which the Chamber describes as “barbaric”, and the recent vicious attack by bandits on the owner and staff at Reliable Appliances.

The T&T Chamber states: “While these incidents impact members of the business community, the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago have also been affected by the increase in criminal activity.  The Government needs to act swiftly and urgently to eradicate this level crime in the country that continues to put fear and heartache on the shoulders of our law-abiding citizens.”

According to the Chamber, criminals are getting away with murder and impunity because of loopholes in the justice system:

“It is of concern that in the most recent murder, two of the perpetrators collectively have 21 pending charges for robberies, home invasions and larceny. This fact highlights the loopholes in our justice system, and we ask the question: How were these men allowed to continue to circulate in public because of bail entitlements?”

The Chamber added: “We call on lawmakers and those governing our country to set aside partisan positions to put in place the legislation that will protect us. In this regard, the Chamber also calls for urgent action on bail reform and other elements of our justice system…  The way we are today cannot be the way we go forward.”