The head office of the T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce in West Moorings, Trinidad.

The Trinidad and Tobago Chamber says they support the governments latest vaccination safe zones measures. The Prime Minister made the announcement at a press conference earlier today. In a press release issued this afternoon, the Chamber stated that the measures are practical and achievable with minimal disruption. The following is a press release from the T&T Chamber:

The T&T Chamber fully supports the initiative taken by the government to implement safe zones. These are practical and achievable temporary measures with minimal disruption to restart our economy safely, until the public health threat is behind us.

We believe this is the most effective mechanism to protect the unvaccinated while allowing those who are vaccinated to take part in higher risk activities. The safe zone initiative is not unique as the world learns to live in a COVID19 environment – many countries in Europe, the Far East, many provinces in Canada, and states in the USA, even countries closer to home – Guyana and Antigua, have implemented similar systems.

Trinidad and Tobago sits at a critical juncture in our efforts to move beyond the pandemic. The government has indicated that they have enough vaccines to bring us close to herd immunity. Being vaccinated provides substantial protection against illness and death and every citizen who can be vaccinated should do so.

Some persons have legitimate medical reasons for not being vaccinated which need to be considered in the protocols developed. We recognize that any initiative creates some amount of burden and cost for businesses. Still, these are relatively reasonable compared to the significant cost of ongoing disruption and uncertainty in our economy and in people’s lives.

While relaxing the curfew is a step in the right direction, we look forward to the continued easing of the curfew which will allow businesses to run more efficiently. With effective leadership, we will beat this pandemic. But we all need to do our part. We believe the safe zone initiative balances respect for lives and livelihoods as we move our country forward together.