This satellite image released by Maxar Technologies shows the FSO Nabarima oil tanker off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago, Sunday, Aug. 9, 2020. The oil tanker listing off a remote Venezuelan coastline is triggering international calls for action. Critics of President Nicolas Maduro and maritime experts say the FSO Nabarima is taking on water and could sink

The Ministry of Foreign and Caricom Affairs has dispelled any thoughts that it has not been taking action on the tilting Nabarima.

In a statement yesterday, the ministry detailed the action taken by the Government, after it learned about the impending environmental danger the vessel poses.

It said it communicated swiftly with the Venezuelan Government and has been pressing for information regarding the status of the vessel.

According to the ministry, it along with the Ministries of Energy and Energy Industries, and the Ministry ofNational Security has been actively working on solutions to the Nabarima issue.

It said Venezuelan claimed it conducted initial stabilisation works on the Nabarima and that it is no longer in any danger.

However, the ministry said it has been persistently pressing the Venezuelan government for Trinidad and Tobago to do its own verification but laments that without permission this cannot happen.

The ministry said this Government has also engaged discussions with several Ambassadors including the Ambassador of the United States of America to Port-of-Spain on the matter.

It added, while Venezuela agreed to permit a team of local experts to cross the border and assess the Nabarima, it later moved the date from the end of September to the current position that the inspection team would receive permission to visit on 20th October.

It added that Venezuela has also denied a recent photograph circulating which purports to represent severe tilting of the Nabarima.

The ministry said this country will continue to lobby to assess the vessel itself.