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The government has donated thousands of masks to China to help control the coronavirus outbreak.

Minister of Foreign and Caricom Affairs, Dennis Moses told the media yesterday that the donation included 13,600 N95 respirator masks, 1,000 N95 surgical masks and 400 other masks.

The masks were valued at TT$150,000.

Currently, there are two Trinidad and Tobago nationals at the heart of the virus outbreak. One is located in the virus’ epicentre of Wuhan while the other, who isn’t in the capital city remains in the Hubei province.

“Our advice is – and it has been determined- the safest option and the best option is to remain in place and follow the guidelines of the local Chinese authorities.”

He added: “There are sufficient reasons so as to not entertain leaving China at this point in time,” Moses said as he alluded to the difficulty in leaving the country due to international travel restrictions for anyone leaving the Chinese mainland.

However, he noted that this advice was subject to change as the situation continues to develop. This is why he said the ministry is continuously monitoring the unfolding situation in China and any changes would be communicated to the approximate 120 T&T citizens living in China.

But in the same breath, he noted that no citizen would be barred from entering the country.

“Should nationals choose the option of leaving and making there way back to Trinidad, of course, they would be welcomed. They would not be debarred but part and parcel of that arrangement would be the need to subject one’s self to quarantine and the travel restrictions that are in place,” he said.

Minister Moses said the T&T Embassy in Beijing was keeping track of those T&T nationals in China who checked in with them.

“Members of staff from the embassy, on a day-to-day basis, are in contact with persons who are on the Wechat (Chinese messaging app) platform and they offer updates and offer advisories, persons in distress are accommodated,” he said.