The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations said it is committed to assisting Trinidad and Tobago in mitigating the negative impacts of climate change.

The FAO representative to Trinidad and Tobago Reuben Robertson said many rural communities around the world are dependent on agriculture and other economic activities for their livelihoods.

But these communities including in Trinidad and Tobago are becoming increasingly vulnerable because of climate change.

Robertson said using economic resources from the green climate fund will assist in protecting, restoring and diversifying the livelihoods of families who depend on agriculture thereby strengthening the country’s food and nutrition.

He said Trinidad and Tobago’s dependence on food imports put this country at an even greater risk. Robertson was speaking at an inception workshop hosted by the Agriculture Ministry in collaboration with the Ministry of Planning and Development aimed at improving the monitoring systems of the impacts of climate change on the agriculture sector

And the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Planning and Development Joanne Deoraj told those present at the workshop that Trinidad and Tobago is challenged by several factors that are as a result of climate change.

Some of them being this country’s inability to generate the volume of production and its ability to manage the extremes of both drought and rainfall.

Deoraj said looking for sustainable infrastructure and climate-resistant infrastructure is equally important as Trinidad and Tobago looks to develop the agriculture sector.