T&T nationals onboard the Galleons Passage


The MV Galleons Passage has returned to T&T from St Vincent and the Grenadines following a trip to deliver emergency aid. The vessel docked at the Port of Port-of-Spain shortly before 7 am on Thursday.

Onboard was a small group of Defence Force personnel who were part of a larger group that made the journey across. Their colleagues have remained in St Vincent to offer assistance as the country struggles with the effects of explosive eruptions of the La Soufriere volcano. Also on board were 75 repatriated T&T nationals who were living in St Vincent.

On Wednesday night, while the repatriated citizens were boarding the vessel in St Vincent, Guardian Media was 170 nationals returning. However, on Thursday morning, immigration officers confirmed that only 75 nationals were repatriated.

When they leave the vessel, they will be taken directly into state quarantine for 14 days.