The T&T Spirit, inter-island ferry.

The Trinidad and Tobago Inter-island Transportation Co. Ltd. (TTIT) has advised of a change to the scheduled sailing time of the T&T Spirit from Port of Spain, tomorrow, Saturday 2nd January 2021. 

The advisory follows a communique issued earlier this week, which noted there could be adverse sea conditions from January 1st.

The TTIT reports that despite the forecast, it is safe for the inter-island vessels to operate to and from Tobago, and they will operate at reduced speed, to ensure the comfort of passengers.  This will result in an estimated time of 3 hours 30 minutes for the crossing.

The T&T Spirit has been rescheduled on Saturday 2nd January 2021, as follows:

●   Date                                          –           Saturday 2nd January 2021

●   Vessel                                        –           T&T Spirit

●   Depart from Scarborough            –           8:30 am

●   Depart from POS                      –           Rescheduled to 2:00 pm

The TTIT assures that affected passengers are not required to revalidate their ferry tickets to travel at the rescheduled time.  In addition, all other sailings will remain as scheduled.

For general information and updates on the inter-island ferry operations, citizens can contact:

●   POS Terminal: 623-9353, 625-3055 Ext. 215

●   Port of Scarborough Terminal 639-2417, 639-2668

●   Website:

●   Email: [email protected]

●   Facebook:

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MV Cabo Star goes on dry-dock this month

M.V. Cabo Star.

The TTIT also is reminding the public that in two weeks, the inter-island cargo vessel—MV Cabo Star—will be taken out of service to undergo its planned, statutory maintenance programme in Curacao, from Saturday 16th January to Tuesday 2nd February 2021.

The company assures that the vessel is expected to resume normal operations on Wednesday 3rd February 2021.

Citizens are advised that during the period of the Cabo Star’s dry-docking, the following measures will be implemented to ensure that the cargo requirements are facilitated:

●   Additional sailings of the Cabo Star are scheduled on Saturday 9th January 2021, at the following times:

     –  Depart from POS at 1:00 PM

     –  Depart from Scarborough at 10:00 PM

●   During the two (2) weeks of the dry-docking, vehicles up to 7,000 kgs will be accommodated on the T&T Spirit and the Jean De La Valette (JDLV).

●   Additional sailings of the T&T Spirit will be scheduled on Wednesday 20th and Wednesday 27th January 2021, at the following times:

     –  Depart from Scarborough at 6:30 AM

     –  Depart from POS at 4:00 PM

●   Users are advised that due to the unavailability of space and limitations on the vessel(s), there will be no storage of cargo on the Port’s compound and flatbed operations will cease during the period.

●   Vehicles without an accompanying driver will not be allowed on the passenger vessels (T&T Spirit, JDLV and Galleons Passage).

●   At Port of Spain, trucks and other vehicles will be required to park within the terminal yard to access the vessel(s). All ticketing and check-in processes will be facilitated inside the ferry terminal building only POS.  At the Port of Scarborough, all systems will remain as is.

The Management of TTIT says these changes will be put into effect, to facilitate the vessel’s statutory requirements, which are necessary to ensure its optimum performance and safety of all passengers, vehicles, and personnel during its sailings.