From left: Rhondall Feeles (TTADA Vice President) and Visham Babwah (TTADA President) touch elbows with members of the Community Police in Chaguanas, who will help distribute the hampers to needy families. (Image: SHASTRI BOODAN)

The T&T Automotive Dealers Association (TTADA) has donated 1,000 hampers to the Community Police for distribution to needy families.

The event took place on Thursday at the compound of P&V Automotive at Mulchan Sieuchand Road, Chaguanas.

TTADA president, Visham Babwah, said the police already have identified needy families in the district, and would be dropping off the hampers to them.

Visham Babwah encouraged other businessmen to join the effort to reach out to needy persons in the community.