The following is a press release from T&TEC:

In recognition of the social and economic impact of the Covid-19 virus, and in the spirit of the Honourable Prime Minister’s announcement on March 18th regarding providing financial relief for affected citizens during this time, T&TEC immediately increased the qualifying limit for disconnections as a result of nonpayment.

This will have a direct impact on customers who are most likely to be experiencing financial vulnerability at this time. Specifically, 87 percent of residential customers who were due for disconnection have been deferred.

Never the less, the Commission has kept service centers open to allow customers to pay bills only. This is in addition to the other options that are available, including the Commission’s website, independent bill payment places and Commercial Banks.

T&TEC acknowledges that some customers may experience delays in accessing our cashiers, due to social distancing protocols which make lines longer.

As a result, lines at smaller service centers may extend outside occasionally. While the Commission has adjusted the way in which it is offering services to customers, all business operations are continuing as normal.

T&TEC therefore urges customers who are not financially impacted during this time to continue to utilise any of the available options to pay their electricity bills on time.