Manufacturing sector employees wait in line at the TTMA vaccination centre Divali Nagar, Chaguanas, yesterday to get their COVID-19 vaccine.

In the space of two hours, the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturing Association (TTMA) was able to vaccinate some 500 people.

Chief Executive Officer of the TTMA Ramesh Ramdeen was present at the associations’ vaccine rollout yesterday at the Divali Nagar site in Chaguanas and gave the figures.

“We have an allotment from the Government this morning (yesterday) to dispense 800 and we are way beyond our target,” he said.

Within two hours the group was able to use more than half the allotted vaccines.

President of the TTMA Tricia Coosal yesterday said that the manufacturing sector was “heartened” by the news that more vaccines would be allocated to the private sector.

Coosal was part of the TTMA vaccine rollout at the Divali Nagar site, Chaguanas yesterday and she was “grateful” to both the Minister of Health and the Government for the vaccines and the opportunity.

“In particular we are heartened by the recent news of more vaccines being allocated to the private sector, in particular, we would kindly ask that the Manufacturing sector be given priority as we have a smooth and efficient process set up,” she said.

Coosal said that the TTMA “stood ready” to assist in any way and wanted to continue to partner with the Government through the Ministries of Health and Trade to help citizens.

The Government made the following vaccines available:

• Supermarket’s Association — 4,000 doses

• Pharmacy Association — 1,000 doses

• Construction industry — 5,000 doses

• T&T Manufacturer’s Association — 5,000 doses.