County Caroni is the leading place of Covid-19 infections and deaths, according to Head of the Central Police Division Curt Simon. Simon was speaking during Thursday’s T&T Police Service’s media conference held at the Police Administration Building in Port-of-Spain.

Simon was trying to bring home the point that despite the fact that T&T is currently in a pandemic his officers are trying their best in policing efforts especially in the fight against crime.”The Central Division is unique as it falls in Caroni and if you follow the numbers it is a leading place with the amount of infections and deaths,” Simon said.”Daily a number of persons are coming to the office for cremations and it is affecting our officers yet they are able to function and keep their heads up and chins up. We call upon them and they respond and we are very thankful for them for that especially going into the Christmas,” he added.

Simon urged the residents in the Central Division to pay special cognizance, “be a little more cognizant to the public health protocols so your lives can be saved.”
In addressing the upsurge in crimes, Simon said they are concerned with shootings and woundings but assured that their detection rate is up to 50 per cent, a five per cent increase from last year.

He further explained that because their detection rate is up he believes it suppresses the murder rate from going up as well.”We are able to peg back serious crimes in the division and we’re performing better now in this period than last year with a five percent decrease and we expect that by year’s end we would be able to see a better performance and be able to talk on it more,” Simon said.

Also speaking at the media conference, Operations Supt Michael Pierre disclosed that one of the initiatives launched by the Central Division is a programme for the Socially Displaced who they suspects are responsible for crimes in the Enterprise and Lange Park areas.”It is a holistic approach to crime-fighting where we are targeting offenders but we have looked at the soft and hard approach and short term and long term projects to bring control in the division.

Street dwellers, over a period of time, some crimes emanate through those homeless persons and through Sgt Small we have embarked upon a rehabilitation programme,” Pierre said. He added that so far they have had four successful participants so far.

Reporter: Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant