Over three dozen people in Trinidad and Tobago who were the subject of Missing Persons Alerts from the Trinidad and Tobago  Police  Service (TTPS) between January and March 2020, have been found.

In an official statement issued today, the Police Service thanks the general public for all assistance rendered, which led to the safe return of all those missing persons.

The TTPS reports, however, that several people are still missing, and it is encouraging citizens to share any information they may have to help find those persons.

The following persons remain outstanding and the public is asked to help find them:

  1. Christon N. Marshall
  2. Annalee Balmancoonsingh
  3. Selena Mirchar
  4. Jessica Panalal
  5. Malik Ramsahai
  6. Kyle Broomes
  7. Carl Daniel
  8. Cassandra Persad
  9. Jason Roopchan

The TTPS says anyone with information on the whereabouts of these missing persons  is  asked  to  contact  the  police  at:

  • Hotline numbers 999,  555,  911,  800-TIPS 
  • Any police  station 
  • Text or WhatsApp  to  482-GARY (4279)
  • The TTPS App

The list of missing persons who were safely returned home, follows…


  1. Candace Tigree
  2. Amelik Emry
  3. Stephanie Chadee
  4. Sarah Castellano
  5. Ronaldo Joseph
  6. Lorenzo Roberts
  7. Victoria Joseph
  8. Shiloh Thomas
  9. Shane Ramjattan
  10. Arianna & Ishmael Solomon
  11. Anastacia Mota
  12. Cammie Moore
  13. Britney Mohammed
  14. Paul Richards
  15. Cassandra Persad
  16. Ariti Dominique
  17. February 2020


  1. Khia Hunte
  2. Wayne Lastique
  3. Kameelia Herrera
  4. Abigail Henry
  5. Shaniah Mohammed
  6. Yazim De Lossaintos Herrera
  7. Alesha Jagdeo
  8. Kyle Rampersad
  9. Shaniah Applewhite
  10. Shanika Renne Mohammed
  11. Abigail Forde
  12. Shinice Johnson
  13. Martha Baptiste-Simon
  14. Liandra Ramkissoon
  15. Aaron John
  16. Faziam Ali
  17. Tara Henry
  18. Mical Lara

MARCH 2020

  1. Shanice Samuel
  2. Kiana Williams
  3. Romella Barthol