Police officers speak with a motorist on Independence Square Port-of-Spain yesterday.

Head of the TTPS’ Legal Unit, Christian Chandler said employers who are forcing their employees to breach the State of Emergency regulations and public health regulations can now be reported.

In fact, he said police officers have already had to warn some about adherence to the regulations.

Speaking at the news conference hosted by Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith yesterday, Chandler said the police service was keeping an eye on employers.

He said that people who can work from home but were being forced to go to work by the employer under the threat of termination can file written reports to the police.

He added police officers have already visited employers to investigate.

“Employers were warned that if they were breaching the regulations, they would be charged.”

Chandler advised such to report employers via the COVID hotline 74COVID and/or the email [email protected]

This initiative was taking place even though the TTPS is currently challenged as 800 officers are said to be in quarantine, however, DCP Operations Erla Christopher is assuring police officers will be out in full force.

Christopher said: “We continue to maintain visibility and vigilance in areas of commercial activities, patrols in residential areas and strategic roadblock operations.”

It was also disclosed by ACP Wendell Williams that 136 officers tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Williams added that the number of staff resuming duty since quarantine stood at 2,491 officers and 67 civilian staff.

Christopher thanked her four regional Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACPs) and nine divisional commanders for “successfully managing the day to day operations over the last year.”

“Obviously as we go into the SoE we are in the process of tweaking our operations as you would have heard we are challenged by the number of officers on quarantine. However, I want to assure the public that we are managing our resources and are shifting our staff as required to maintain a workable balance,” Christopher said.

“ As we seek to ensure public compliance with our regulations, I would like to assure the public that the police will operate under the confines of the law,” she added.

Christopher also took the opportunity to remind the general public that the TTPS anticipates the cooperation of the general public, “Divisional and station commanders will ensure neighbourhood watch groups are operating and making use of available technology. We will continue to monitor persons on quarantine.”