Acting Commissioner of Police, McDonald Jacob.

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) will be stepping up its monitoring of those COVID-19 positive patients who are being home quarantined.

Confirmation has come from Acting Commissioner of Police, McDonald Jacob, who says they will be clamping down on those persons in breach of their home quarantine order.

“Officers have started the process of flagging persons who are suspected of breaching their quarantine orders,” the Ag Commissioner stated in a news release.

The TTPS says it has initiated a pilot project which will be used as a guide to determine the scale of operations needed to fully implement this monitoring system.

“Police teams will wear full Personal Protective Equipment when they effect arrests of offenders. Otherwise, visits to verify compliance with quarantine continue to be performed by officers who wear masks and gloves, while maintaining a safe distance,” the Acting CoP disclosed. “The special teams may be accompanied by health officials for the issuance of fresh orders in certain cases.”

To date, all of the persons who tested positive for Covid-19 virus and were flagged and visited by the special teams, have been found at their quarantine location, the TTPS release noted.

The Ag Commissioner also reminds citizens that it is an offence under the Quarantine Act to break their quarantine and doing so carries a fine of TT$6,000 or six months in prison. It is also an offence to give false information to an official acting under the authority of the Act.

He added: “Citizens are advised that police officers can enter premises without a warrant, to enforce compliance with the Quarantine Act and that the TTPS is prepared to prosecute those who breach the quarantine orders to the fullest extent of the law.”