Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.

The following is a press release from the TTPS:

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is reminding citizens that while they obey the nationwide call to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, they should keep the safety of their homes, property and families at the forefront of their minds. Citizens are urged to be mindful of the following safety tips to reduce the opportunity for intruders who may be planning home-invasions and burglaries at this time, to strike:

 Keep the exterior of your house well-lit;

 Be aware of persons posing as essential service personnel attempting to gain entry to your residence. Always ask for identification and then verify by calling their office to confirm;

 If you arrive home and suspect someone has broken into your home- Do Not Enter! Call the police, as the intruder may still be inside;

 Make sure your house number is visible from the street so emergency vehicles can easily locate your home;

 If someone tries to break into your home while you are inside, immediately call 999, 555 or 800-4877;

 Teach your children never to divulge information about whether or not an adult is at home;

 Mark your personal property with an engraver. It helps the police in identifying and returning your stolen property; and,

 Create or join a Neighbourhood Watch Group. Contact the Neighbourhood Watch Group Organisation at 868-683-5311. Members of the public are asked to like and follow the TTPS via our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest news and information on matters of interest to the general public. 2 We urge all citizens to be their brothers’ keepers and stay vigilant at all times. Anyone with information about crime or criminal conduct is asked to contact the police at 999, 555, 911, 800-TIPS, any police station, via text/WhatsApp to 482-GARY (4279) or the TTPS App.