Lutalo Masimba (Brother Resistance) TUCO President

The National Carnival Commission may not be going virtual but the Trinbago Unified Calypso Organisation is planning a virtual future, including if possible a Calypso Monarch competition.

In a phone interview yesterday, TUCO president Lutalo Masimba also known as Brother Resistance stressed his organisation was a Carnival organisation and as such their priority was to push the music forward.

“People want to hear music, they want to feel music, they want to be with music, and therefore I am certain and we can already see over the past month or so is that the artistes have been producing music. Our mission as an organisation is to find ways to organise platforms for the performance of this music and to present this music to the world and we are prepared to do so,” said Resistance.

He added, “So whether the NCC have or don’t have or don’t want to have, that cool, that is their business. But it had Carnival before it had the NCC anyway so that is not we problem So I am saying for music we are going to continue to make the music and continue to present the music to the world.”

Resistance said the TUCO executive was still exploring various methods and social media platforms concerning the best way forward.

While he confirmed that the door was not closed on even hosting a Calypso Monarch, he, however, admitted that prizes would be an issue.

‘We have the capacity to do the calypso monarch and whatever other competition but the challenges would be the prizes, that would be the challenge. So we would have to decide in terms of what we do if we get programmes going do we find ways to take care of the greater majority of the members or do we embrace the competition which will just ensure that a few members are taken care of. It’s a sort of moral kind of decision that we would have to make,” he said.

Resistance, however, pointed out that 2021 actually represented 100 years of the Calypso tent, at least in its current form.

Criticism of the NCC’s announcement on Wednesday continued to mount with several pointing to other virtual Carnival events held across the Caribbean as well as during Notting Hill Carnival celebrations in the United Kingdom.

Guardian Media was unable to contact NCC Chairman Winston ‘Gypsy’ Peters on the matter yesterday.