Two persons were arrested by officers of the Fraud Squad on Friday July 17th, for obtaining goods by use of a dishonoured cheque.

According to official police reports, on Wednesday 15th June 2020, Carib Brewery Limited reported to the Fraud Squad Office that on 15th July 2019, they sold a quantity of beverages valued at $36,351.32 to Food Savers, which is located at #11 Assaraff Road, Charlieville.

Reports are that Food Savers allegedly made payment of a Republic Bank Limited cheque dated 15/7/19, payable to Carib Brewery Limited and drawn on the account of Arron Development Limited.

Carib Brewery Limited reportedly accepted the payment as a genuine form of payment and later deposited it into their account. This cheque was later returned to them with the notation “insufficient funds”.

The suspects—Barry Samaroo, and Indira Samaroo of #11 Assaraff Road, Charlieville—were arrested and charged for the offence of obtaining goods valued at $36,351.32 by use of a dishonoured cheque.

They are expected to appear at the Chaguanas Virtual Court today, Monday 20th July, 2020.

The police exercise was conducted as a result of investigations directed by WPC Lutchmansingh-Mungal.