Cruze Hills aka ‘Remy’, 30, and Keron Mota aka ‘Mello’, 26, both of Siparia, were charged yesterday for the murder of labourer, Francis Winston John. The charge was laid by Ag Insp Jaggernath following advice received from Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Joan Honore-Paul. The accused are currently awaiting a court appearance date.
According to police reports, the victim, 38-year-old Francis Winston John of Siparia was walking along Poco Alley, Siparia on January 13th when he was accosted by two men armed with firearms.
The men fired several shots at the victim who sustained gunshot wounds to the left of his back and left leg. The men escaped, and the victim was taken to the Siparia Health Facility, where he was treated. He was later transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital in stable condition. He died on September 30th 2019 as a result of his injuries. Investigations were conducted by Ag/Insp Jaggernath of the South Western Division Criminal Investigations Department (CID). He was assisted by Insp Corrie and PC Lewis of the Homicide Bureau of Investigations (HBI) Region 3.