Tableland residents, police and fire officers at the scene where a trailer truck transporting pipes crashed into a car along the Naparima Mayaro Road, killing Chandrabhan Ramroop and Seeta Bhagwandeen on Thursday.

A Williamsville man and his cousin died after they were pinned under the trailer of a truck in Tableland while returning home from a prayer service on Thursday night. Chandrabhan Ramroop, 45, a hardware worker and Seeta Bhagwandeen, 46, a housewife, of Whiteland Road died on the scene.

Bhagwandeen’s common-law husband Bachoo Baboolal escaped with minor injuries. According to a police report, around 7 pm, the truck was transporting a stack of steel pipes along Naparima Mayaro Road in Tableland. While climbing an incline near Manicou Trace, Roberts Village, the truck stalled as a result of a mechanical problem. It began rolling back and collided with Ramroop’s Nissan Laurel which ended up under the truck. The vehicles then landed in a river. Ramroop was driving while Bhagwandeen was in the back seat. They died on impact. Baboolal, 52, who was in the front seat was assisted out of the vehicle by villagers. He received minor injuries but was kept overnight at the San Fernando General Hospital for observation.

Baboolal’s older brother who did not want to be named said he broke the news of Bhagwandeen’s death to him when he picked him up from the hospital yesterday morning. “When I told him in the vehicle he bawl and cry.” He said his brother who is a dialysis patient had bruises and blue-black spots about his body. He said this was very difficult time for Baboolal as his sister and another relative died less than two years ago. The couple had no children together, but Bhagwandeen had a 27-year-old son from a previous relationship. Ramroop’s sister, Shoba Ramroop said her brother and Bhagwandeen shared a close relationship. She said he took Bhagwandeen and Baboolal to a prayer service by a relative in Rio Claro, but Baboolal began feeling unwell and they left.

They were returning to their homes when the accident occurred. “From work, he goes him and from home, he goes to work. He was a fun-loving person, a caring person.” She said Ramroop’s wife of 15 years was trying to be strong for their two sons, ages nine and 13.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions regarding gatherings, she said they will have to inquire about the new procedure for funerals from the funeral home. Cpl Narine of the Tableland Police Station is investigating.