Jessie Mascall

A 42-year-old fish vendor was fatally shot in Diego Martin on Sunday night. He has been identified as Marley “Dog” Ballantyne, of North West Drive, Patna Village, Diego Martin.

At about 8.40 pm, residents of Cicada Drive, off River Estate, heard rapid gunfire and called the police.

Western Division police officers found Ballantyne’s body at the entrance to a basketball court in the area.

He had been shot multiple times, including in the head and chest.

Investigations are also continuing into the murder of Jessie Mascall, at about 12.30 am on Sunday at Ravine Road, Petit Valley.

Police officers responded to a report of a COVID-19 party went to the location and saw a group of persons partying.

The officers warned the group and ordered them to go to their respective homes.

However, the group ignored the officers’ warning and the party resumed.

Minutes later, gunmen ambushed them and Mascall was shot dead.

At the Forensic Science Centre yesterday, Mascall’s relatives claimed police and fire officers were among the party-goers and witnessed the shooting.

However, they have not yet gone to the police although they all know the identity of the shooter, said the relatives, who asked not to be identified.

In another incident, a man was shot and wounded yesterday afternoon at Trou Macaque in Laventille.

At about 2 pm, residents heard gunshots and found the unidentified man bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds.

He was taken to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital where he is warded in critical condition.