Two people were arrested, a shotgun, a large quantity of ammunition and narcotics were seized during an Operation Strike Back 3 exercise, which was conducted in the Northern Division on Thursday.

DCP McDonald Jacob who was on-site to support the exercise stated that exercises and operations of this nature must continue as the Police Service strives to make every place in Trinidad and Tobago safe.

DCP Jacob noted that the drive to recover illegal guns and ammunition remains a top priority and encouraged officers to remain focused and reminded them of the goal to recover 1,000 guns from the streets between September and December.

Between the period 5th to 15th October 2021, officers of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) seized 15 firearms, where at least one firearm was seized in each of the nine policing divisions.

The officers of the Northern Division led the way as they recovered four firearms. During the Operation Strike Back 3 exercise yesterday, officers found two magazines, one contained 25 rounds and the other contained 12 rounds of nine millimetre ammunition, 103 rounds of 5.56 ammunition, 74 rounds 7.62 ammunition, three rounds of .380 ammunition, 46 rounds of 40 calibre ammunition and 530 grams of marijuana.

A woman was subsequently arrested in relation to the find.

Fifty-five people were also arrested and charged for various serious crimes between 5th to 15th October 2021. The work of the officers in the southern divisions led to charges being laid against 25 suspects, 14 in the Southern Division and 11 in the South Western Division.

Inquiries by members of the Financial Investigations Branch (FIB) into racketeering in the Trinidad and Tobago Police Firearms Section, resulted in the arrest of two people who were subsequently charged.

Dylan Gosine, 25, of Princes Town, was charged with four counts of uttering forged documents to acquire a Firearm Users’ Licence. While Mookish Gosine, 57, of Princes Town was charged with possession of two firearms to wit, two pistol magazines for the purpose of trafficking. Police also seized 8.2 kilogrammes of marijuana during the period 5th to 15th October 2021. With 4.4 kilogrammes, the Northern Division accounted for the greatest quantity of marijuana seized.

On Thursday, a quantity of dried marijuana trees, amounting to 3.24kg, as well as one homemade shotgun and seven rounds 12 gauge cartridges were found in Mamoral Village, Caparo. DCP McDonald Jacob stated that “Even though there are issues pertaining to the appointment of a Commissioner of Police, the officers of the TTPS continue their relentless attacks of criminal elements in the communities. The above data demonstrates their efforts and successes in the past few days. It highlights the work of the investigators and the operational officers. The approach will be maintained for the next few weeks as they prepare to celebrate Divali.”