Two men were detained in connection with the shooting of a retired soldier during a police exercise in Maloney on Tuesday.

The suspects, ages 28 and 22, are from Building 7, Maloney Gardens.

Police said a search warrant was executed at apartments in Building 7, and the two men were detained.

The 28-year-old suspect was found with seven rounds of ammunition and will face an additional charge for possession of ammunition.

The shooting incident took place on July 21.

The victim was standing at an entrance to Building 18 when a white Nissan Versa vehicle which was proceeding west along Flamingo Boulevard, suddenly stopped and its occupants opened fire on the victim. The vehicle then sped off.

The victim who was shot in the left leg was subsequently taken to the Arima Hospital where he was medically examined.

A team of officers led by Cpl Marshall, PC Ramseur, WPC Allen, and WPC Hosford visited the scene and began investigations.