23-year-old Andrea Bharatt has been missing since Friday 29 January 2021.

Two persons of interest in the kidnapping of Andrea Bharatt have been released by police.
Guardian Media understands that the men, who both have the same first name and live in different areas of Arima, were released shortly after 6 pm, this evening.

It was confirmed in a press release issued by attorney Fareed Ali, who is representing the persons of interest, ages 20 and 26.

“The TTPS in examining the phone records of one of the male suspects were able to locate a female correspondent who was possession of an item that allegedly belonged to the missing Andrea Bharrath,” Ali said.

Ali, who is also representing the woman, also said that another man was arrested allegedly through her direction. She remains in police custody.

Last Friday, Bharatt, 22, a clerk at the Arima Magistrates’ Court, and a colleague reportedly boarded what they believed was a taxi at King Street in Arima.

Bharatt’s colleague was dropped off but she never arrived home.

One of the suspects, that was detained by investigators reportedly died between Tuesday night and this morning.

The suspect, who was later identified as 35-year-old Andrew Morris, was allegedly beaten by police officers.

However, in a detailed press release issued this afternoon, the T&T Police Service (TTPS) stated that Morris resisted officers of the Special Operation Response Team (SORT) and had to be subdued.

The release also alleged that Morris repeatedly refused medical treatment and meal while in custody.

It claimed that when he was eventually taken to the Arima District Hospital he fell off a chair and died while receiving emergency treatment.

In his release Ali claimed that one of six suspects detained by police in connection with the case was also hospitalised.