Two men were shot and killed by police officers on Thursday afternoon following a high-speed chase in the Cunupia area.

Guardian Media understands that a party of police officers responded to a report of a robbery in progress at a supermarket at Monroe Road.

The five suspects on seeing the responding officers managed to steal a car from the scene of the robbery and sped off.

The police gave chase, during which one of the suspects, was seen with his head out of the front seat of the stolen vehicle shooting at the police’s vehicle.

The chase continued through Chin Chin Road onto Boy Cato Road in Las Lomas #1 where the vehicle with the suspects crashed.

Police said the men exited the vehicle and continued shooting at the officers who returned fire.

Two of the men, while escaping, were shot and killed on the scene at Boy Cato Road.

The others escaped.

Police said a firearm was recovered from the scene.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the other suspects can contact the police at 555, 800 TIPS or 482 GARY.