Two-time Calypso Monarch Sandra Des Vignes-Millington “Singing Sandra.”

Singing Sandra will be remembered in a public memorial tomorrow, and buried following a funeral in Morvant on Thursday.

Relatives of the late singer, real name Sandra Des Vignes-Millington, confirmed that there would be two events for the two time Calypso Monarch.

Additional details concerning the events were posted on social media yesterday.

The public memorial, which is being planned by her United Sisters compatriot Tigress, is set to be held at 10 am on Wednesday at Queen’s Hall.

The event has been described as a cultural farewell which will have limited seating for invited guests including Ministers, fellow calypsonians and will be open to the media.

On Thursday a spiritual service will be held at the Hirondelle Basketball Court, Morvant, close to where she lived for a significant portion of her adult life.

Both the cultural send off and the funeral service will be streamed online for her fellow calypsonians, fans and well-wishers to view since large scale events cannot be held because of COVID-19 restrictions.

Organisers did not reveal just yet where the services can be viewed but said links will be made available.

Sandra Des Vignes-Millington died last Thursday at the Mount Hope Women’s Hospital due to an undisclosed illness.

She was 64.