Two men and a woman were arrested for robbing a 73-year-old doctor. Dr Krishna Amolsingh, of D’Abadie, was relieved of a black Mercedes Benz while at his office on Tuesday 7th April 2020.

According to police reports, around 5:40 am, the medical practitioner was at his office located on the Eastern Main Road, Arouca. He was approached by three persons, two of whom demanded the keys to the vehicle. The doctor was beaten and choked when he refused. The keys were handed over to the intruders. One escaped in the vehicle containing the doctor’s briefcase and personal effects. The other two escaped in another direction.

Cpl Toussaint of the Arouca Police Station, conducted inquiries and arrested three persons, one man from Eastern Main Road, D’Abadie, a woman, 40, and a young man, 20, both from the Trincity Area. The vehicle was recovered at Orange Grove Road, Trincity