Police are probing two murders which occurred on Wednesday night.

The latest killings come on the heels of five murders which took place the day before.

Police said in one of the incidents a 24-year-old man from Santa Cruz was gunned down minutes after receiving a phone call and leaving his girlfriend’s house.

The victim was identified as Justin Weekes of Donald Avenue, Sam Boucaud Road, Santa Cruz.

Investigators said around 8:45 pm on Wednesday, Weekes was at the home of his girlfriend also located along Donald Avenue, Sam Boucaud, Santa Cruz when he received a telephone call and left. Shortly after gunshots rang out and two men were seen running away and entering a white Nissan Almera which sped off.

Weekes was discovered by police officers dead, his body lying along a track on the southern side along the road.

Investigators recovered four spent 9 mm shell casings at the scene.

In an unrelated incident which occurred a few minutes before around 8:15 pm, police officers responded to a report of a shooting at O’Connor Street, Paria Main Road, Blanchisseuse where they found a man lying in the road suffering from gunshot wounds to the head. He died at the scene.

The victim was later identified as Sherwin Maharaj, 31. He lived in the area.

Police officers said residents and relatives last saw Maharaj alive around 7:30 pm.

No motive has yet been established for both murders.